Urban Forestry & Community Engagement

Beyond Trees is a global network of individuals and organizations committed to improving lives in communities in urban areas. Together with the US Forest Service International Programs, the Beyond Trees Network includes community leaders and organizers, youth groups, faith-based organizations, artists, writers, policymakers, educators, researchers, non-government organizations, civic groups, families, audiences of all abilities, international organizations, government agencies at all levels, etc.  The Beyond Trees Network encourages the exchange of ideas, tools, challenges, solutions, research and perspectives through various methods: webinars, academies, newsletters, discussion groups, learning videos, toolkits and more. The Beyond Trees Network facilitates cross-cultural discussions and collaboration. Moreover, it explores how to combine our strengths to tackle issues—such as environmental awareness, gender equity, climate change, etc—that resonate across cities worldwide. The power of the Beyond Trees Network lies in collaborations that lead to a sharing of knowledge and resources, exponentially increasing the impact of each of the organizations. Click HERE to visit!