We are excited to share the launch of the IP Seminars Alumni Map! Hundreds of natural resource practitioners have participated in one of the twelve seminars hosted by International Programs and our partners over the last two decades. This includes participants from over 123 countries, representing countless organizations ranging from NGOs, government agencies, universities, private sector companies, and others. This map is an effort to visualize this global community and make it possible for you to connect with each other.

Click on the map to start exploring! Once you enter, you will find instructions and multiple search options. For example, you can search by country, seminar, or year. You can also search by professional interest areas to find people across the seminar alumni network who are passionate about topics from climate change to youth engagement. If you need to review the instructions, you can click HERE to view them again.

Each entry also provides space for the individual to share their challenges and achievements. As you identify fellow alumni facing common challenges or located in your region, please feel free to reach out to them using the email address they provided. They have kindly shared their professional contact information for the purpose of connecting with you!

Lastly, this map is only possible because of seminar alumni like you who have volunteered to share their professional information with us. Thank you so much to those of you who have already participated in the survey. If you have not yet joined the map, it’s not too late! You can add your information to the map by completing the survey linked here.

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