Climate Change

Revisit the Recording from the June 13th, 2022 Climate Change Community of Learning and Practice : Community and Biodiversity Resilience Webinar

Revisit the Recording from the May 25th, 2021 Climate Conversations from the Climate Change Seminar: Coffee with Hugh Safford Webinar

Revisit the Communicating Through the Climate Paradox Webinar Powerpoint and Video from August 2020

The Climate Change Seminar website is home to a variety of information for admitted seminar participants as well as seminar alumni, including biographies of the seminar staff from the US Forest Service. The website is periodically updated with online resources related to the core topics and concepts covered during the Climate Change Seminar such as: climate change trends and associated impacts on landscapes and people, approaches for mitigating, adapting, and building resiliency to climate change, strategies for engaging different people and institutions to catalyze action on climate change, and also helping to develop a network of climate change leaders. Additionally, the website provides admitted participants with information regarding seminar dates, descriptions of the seminar locations, hotel information, packing information, etc. Click HERE to visit! (password: IPClimateChange)